A shooting star arrives this night
As dancers fill the floor;
Its luminescence pure and bright,
The type one can’t ignore.

It comes to rest upon a tree
To take a twinkling break;
Where did it land, where could it be,
Which branches should you shake?

When bathed within its golden glow,
The darkness cast away,
You stretch to reach it from below,
To snare this stellar stray.

So seize the star and take it home
Then hang it where you dine;
So that each day in coming gloam
Its radiance can shine.


Sometimes in the middle of the night
One cannot sleep or rest despite
The willingness to board the flight
That takes you off to Dreamland.

Lying in bed I turn and toss,
My mind inflamed, I’m at a loss
To calm it down, show it who’s boss,
Just take me off to Dreamland.

Ms Sandman, come on visit now
I’ll greet you with my grandest bow
Then enquire as to why you won’t allow
My departure to Dreamland.

Please work your magic, cast your spell,
Upon a shooting star and tell
Me “bon voyage”, wishing me well
Until we meet again in Dreamland.