2 / 1 / 2

Like birds of a feather,
Two voices together
In harmony, rhythm and time;
A synchronised dance,
Reflective romance,
Transcending description, sublime.

Then like summer it’s gone,
A migration of one,
I keep singing for two but alone;
The melody breaking,
A dark undertaking,
The final beat one constant tone.

But sing on I do,
My voice pure and true,
‘Til our harmonies echo again;
Rejoining you’re glorious,
Majestic, imperious,
I’m counting my heartbeats ’til then.

the one

the day i saw you sitting there
so nonchalantly, free of care,
it crossed my heart that you might be
my one and only, meant for me

you saw me too and wondered why
i had just then begun to cry,
so you approached and wiped away
the tears that did my love betray

then when my face was dry once more
you gently stroked me with your paw,
you placed yourself upon my lap,
curled up and took another nap