The Flavour Thesaurus

Around the flavour wheel we go
In search of inspiration;
Where we will stop we don’t yet know
Or what’s our next creation.

Past cheesy, earthy, mustardy,
And past sulfurous too;
Our finger comes to rest upon
A segment coloured blue

“Marine” is where our finger’s stopped,
It’s where you find the fish;
The oily, white and shelly kinds-
We’ll put some in our dish.

Another flavour’s needed now
To pair with fishy friends;
Around the wheel we go again
To see what fortune sends.

The second time our finger stops,
“Fresh fruity”‘s where it lands;
So that then means it’s… fish with fruit?
Oh well, if fate demands.

Although it seems that we’ve struck out,
The truth is that we’ve not;
There are two classics pairing them
You may quite like a lot.

The first combines flat fish with grapes,
It’s really quite unique;
In France it’s held in high regard,
It’s called “sole Veronique”.

You’ll recognise the second match,
It’s shellfish and tomato;
A salty Bloody Mary base
That you folks call “clamato”.

So give the wheel a spin yourself
To seek out something new;
If fish with fruit can work out well
Then what else may do too?

Hot stuff

The indie craft brewer,
The artisan baker;
So good are their wares
They never last long.
Whenever they plan
To make a fresh batch
It’s always a case
Of beer today and
Scone tomorrow.


When the dark clouds gather outside
This isn’t a day for errand-making;
I’d much prefer to stay here inside
In my cosy kitchen, busy bread-baking.

When the dough is in the oven,
Filling the home with its heavenly scent,
It raises, stretching strands of gluten,
You know all that kneading was time well spent.

When my instincts say its ready,
Opening the door takes my breath away;
For here before me, in golden glory:
A fully bloomed loaf to brighten my day.

Nana’s Pie

You start with flour in your bowl,
(All purpose types will do),
Sieve in two cups and one half more,
A pinch of salt in too,
Plus a bigger pinch of sugar,
Then stir the mixture through.

Next, take two cold sticks of butter,
(To make a tasty dough),
Work it in with a pair of forks,
(Don’t overwork it though),
Stop when the butter’s marble-sized,
(You’re done before you know).

After that you add ice water,
A half cup’s what you need
With a teaspoon of vinegar,
Follow her mama’s lead;
Stir until it comes together
When like rich soil proceed.

Dump the mix upon the counter
Then form two disks by hand,
Your dough’s now ready to be filled
With sweetness, fresh or canned,
Whatever fruit filling you choose
The outcome will be grand.

It’s time to heat your oven now
So set it to three fifty,
Roll your disks ’til an eighth inch thick,
Twelve inches wide they’ll be,
On the pie plate the bottom goes
Now build the rest with glee.

The filling’s piled majestically
Then covered with the crust,
A sheen’s applied by brushing milk,
The edges pinched and fussed,
Some knife slits cut into the lid
Ensures the pie’s robust.

Now place the pie in the oven,
Let it bake for an hour,
Drink in the perfume it creates,
Succumb to its sweet power,
You know it’s time when golden brown
So take it out – devour!