Long in the winter when the skies are grey
When the clouds are full and it rains all day
We dream of summer and the month of June,
Of languid days that cannot come too soon.

But when they arrive we are stuck inside
In tedious meetings that we can’t abide;
Why can’t we escape to the world outdoors,
Regain our freedom from those tiresome bores?

The truth is we can, our lives are our own,
It’s better to act than complain and moan;
So let’s break out now, let’s go out and play
For this summer’s ours to enjoy each day.

The Phoenix

See Kid Icarus, see her fly
Way up into the midnight sky,
Borne aloft on ephemeral wings
Her body soars, her whole heart sings.

For she is free among the stars,
No earthly chains, no prison bars
Can prevent her trajectory
Ever upward, strong as can be
Towards the face that beams at night
The golden sun’s reflected light.

She’s sought this light out once before,
She knew not then what lay in store,
That sunshine’s rays would bring such pain
As she crashed down to Earth again;
Despite falling she flies once more
An adventurer to her core.

Here in darkness she can now breathe;
By moonlight she starts to believe
In herself, what she may achieve
Daring to dream, not to deceive.