Bella’s Long Weekend

Now I am sure you’re wondering
What Bella did each day;
While you were up at Indian Arm
At home she didn’t stay.

On Saturday she went to space
In search of fashion trends;
Although the stores weren’t up to much
She made some starfish friends.

She swam across a tranquil sea
Under the starry skies;
Around and round the moon she went
She never saw sunrise.

She cloned a pig with Pegasus
So that the pig could fly;
She flew it to the sun and back –
It didn’t crispify.

She starred on Sunday’s Muppets Show
When they were out on tour;
Miss Piggy tried to upstage her,
They settled for a draw.

She read a Song of Ice and Fire
Then wrote the last two books;
She made sure dragons ruled the world
As barbecuing cooks.

She rode upon a unicorn
That thought it was the last;
But Bella found its family
Within the sea amassed.

On Monday Bella brokered peace
Across the Middle East;
She solved their problems with her purrs,
Hostilities then ceased.

She fought Medusa, Gorgon Queen,
With hissing snakes for hair;
But Bella wasn’t petrified,
She froze it with her stare.

She learned the truth of alchemy
Transmuting gold from lead;
She made her fortune, piled it high,
She used it as her bed.

So now you know what Bella did
While you were up the creek;
She’s really very tired now –
She might just sleep the week.


Have you ever stopped to wonder
What Bella does each day?
She doesn’t only nap and groom –
She ventures out to play.

She plays that she’s a pirate cat
Upon the stormy seas;
When she encounters crews of mice
She captures all their cheese.

She’s voyaged to the ocean floor
To catch a tasty dish;
Instead she played some hide and seek
With crabs and cuttlefish.

By rocketship she’s been to space
And swam among the stars;
She’s been across the Milky Way,
She found there’s life on Mars.

She’s starred up on the silver screen
In Technicolor shows;
You’ll find her paws in Hollywood
By Marilyn Monroe’s.

She’s entered poker tournaments
And put her chips all in;
Whatever cards that she was dealt
She bluffed her way to win.

She plays the drums and lead guitar
In her band “Tortoise Hell”;
When on her European tour
She played the Swiss cowbell.

Around the world in eighty days
In a hot air balloon;
She spent at least two thirds of them
Just singing to the moon.

But every day when you return
You’ll find her waiting there;
It’s where she likes it most of allĀ –
At home, within your care.

the one

the day i saw you sitting there
so nonchalantly, free of care,
it crossed my heart that you might be
my one and only, meant for me

you saw me too and wondered why
i had just then begun to cry,
so you approached and wiped away
the tears that did my love betray

then when my face was dry once more
you gently stroked me with your paw,
you placed yourself upon my lap,
curled up and took another nap


It was on a moonlit walk, the Great Bear so bright,
When the world around was completely covered white
That I met your shining eyes in the dead of night.

We each stood still, transfixed; you showed no sign of fright
But then a moment later you took off in flight,
Dancing across the rooftops, soon far out of sight.