I’m two sixty-three fifty-four,
I’m not a copy,
I don’t dream

I’m not prisoner number six,
I am a person;
one’s the

I’m forty-two and fifty-four,
am I your answer?
Don’t panic –
just drink

Attuned to two point three four two;
You’re my one constant
I won’t call
for eight

I’m three point one four one five
Nine to forever;
On and on,
on I

Take the Sky

At the wild frontier of the galaxy,
Far beyond the reach of Alliance law,
Where the Reavers rage in a cloud of war,
Way out there you’ll find the Serenity.

Her brave captain looks out for me and mine
With a warrior woman his number two;
There’s a soaring leaf piloting her crew
And a Canton hero who don’t half whine.

Quick to help Companions when they need aid,
She is kept afloat by a shiny heart;
While the Shepherd’s compass directs their chart,
The two sheltered siblings won’t be betrayed.

They may lose their freedoms, may even die,
But from them you can’t ever take the sky.

The Compleat Westeros Bastards

There once was a sellsword named Sand
The quickest in all of the land;
She disabled her foes
With her very first blows,
They weren’t half as good with one hand.


There was a young squire named Stone,
A craven who had no backbone;
When told he must fight,
He tried to take flight,
So out of the Moon Door was thrown.


There was a keen sparrow named Rivers
Whose militant faith gave him shivers;
He butchered and swore
Defending the poor,
He prayed that the Gods would forgive us.


There was a handmaiden named Hill
Whose Lordship she wanted to kill;
She waited for rain,
Then poppied his brain
And stabbed his eyes out with a quill.


There was once a mad bastard named Pyke
Who when raiding decided to strike;
He wanted more gold,
Demanded tenfold,
So his head went on top of a spike.


There once was a woman called Flowers
Who possessed supernatural powers;
Although she grew stronger,
The Maesters refused her,
So blew up the Citadel towers.


There was an old Goldcloak named Waters,
Survivor of multiple slaughters;
He lived through wildfires
And Aerys’ pyres
But died at the hands of his daughters.


There was a skilled hedge knight called Storm
Who fought for a blue uniform;
When confronting the Maid,
Her full beauty displayed,
Was senseless and couldn’t perform.


There was a young bastard named Snow
Who thought he could fly like a Crow
He jumped from the Wall,
The ground broke his fall,
The Wildlings enjoyed his short show.