Big Time Charlie

What never existed has now gone –
Just a figment of pure imagination;
Like a Willy Wonka chocolate bar,
An exotic, ethereal confection.

See I wasn’t Charlie Bucket with a Golden Ticket:
I was Augustus Gloop swimming in the soup,
Violet Beauregarde chewing gum too hard,
Veruca Salt in the bad nut vault,
Mike Teavee, about the size of a flea.

When the Oompa-Loompas sang at last,
The Great Glass Elevator didn’t ascend;
No it plunged straight down, direct to hell,
So its occupant could finally comprehend.

With glittering eyes you can search for magic
But what first seems sweet can end up tragic.

Stranger than Fiction

“Little did he know” is our beginning
With the introduction of Harold Crick;
When he hears a voice, his day narrating,
He wonders – is he a schizophrenic?
Oh Harold isn’t mad, certainly not,
But his life is much stranger than fiction;
He stars in a book, his routine its plot
Where his death is soon planned to be written.
Avoiding their fate’s what most would attempt
But dear Harold saw no use pretending;
He couldn’t cheat death, he wasn’t exempt-
He saw beauty accepting his ending.
“Little did he know” is where we began;
Once he did, he showed, how to die a man.


I’m two sixty-three fifty-four,
I’m not a copy,
I don’t dream

I’m not prisoner number six,
I am a person;
one’s the

I’m forty-two and fifty-four,
am I your answer?
Don’t panic –
just drink

Attuned to two point three four two;
You’re my one constant
I won’t call
for eight

I’m three point one four one five
Nine to forever;
On and on,
on I

Take the Sky

At the wild frontier of the galaxy,
Far beyond the reach of Alliance law,
Where the Reavers rage in a cloud of war,
Way out there you’ll find the Serenity.

Her brave captain looks out for me and mine
With a warrior woman his number two;
There’s a soaring leaf piloting her crew
And a Canton hero who don’t half whine.

Quick to help Companions when they need aid,
She is kept afloat by a shiny heart;
While the Shepherd’s compass directs their chart,
The two sheltered siblings won’t be betrayed.

They may lose their freedoms, may even die,
But from them you can’t ever take the sky.

Becoming Less Verbal

You turned to me in desperation
So I spun you a tale of my past;
My old quartet my inspiration
For events now reframed and recast.

A great big fish you hoped to hook
But your eyes couldn’t see the whole truth;
The perpetrator you mistook,
My performance, affected uncouth.

With Dean you were a man obsessed
So my story convinced, I’m now free;
Let every last detail attest-
You are simply not smarter than me.

You missed your shot like other men
Now you’ll never hear from me again.


I stand at number forty nine
It’s now seven twenty two,
Vincent Vega riding shotgun
I’ve my nine milly with me too.

When Marvin unbolts the door,
Here’s homeboys Roger and Brett;
They sure pissed off Marcellus,
It’s time they paid their debt.

But first let’s share some breakfast
It’s come from Big Kahuna,
You know, the Hawaiian joint–
Now that’s a tasty burger.

I wash it all down
The Sprite hits the spot
The shit’s under the bed
That’s it: jackpot.

Bang, goodbye Roger,
Brett, don’t fucking say what–
I double dare you,
You deserve this next shot.

Now for Ezekiel
Twenty-five, seventeen;
It seems appropriate
For your final scene.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang
Was it the will of the divine?
No, this is no miracle–
This is my design.