The Frog

Now tell me: have you ever met Harold?
Why he’s the greatest frog in the world!
Handsome, an amphibian Adonis,
In wit and wisdom simply peerless.

On his lily pad he sits each day
Not missing a fly that comes his way;
His every croak an aural pleasure
For all the pond to hear and treasure.

Just one weakness had he, alas,
The stumpiest legs in all his class;
His achilles, just no good at sport,
When he tried to leap he came up short.

Each day he dreamt of balletic flight,
Of languid leaps, so graceful and light;
He yearned to be free from gravity’s chain
Yet tethered to Earth he did remain.

One day a stork, stopping by to fish,
Informed the frog how to gain his wish:
“Along the stream there lives a Princess
For longer legs seek her lips’ caress.”

So stumpy Harold hopped off to see
If a kiss could change his anatomy;
When he found her she was busy wooing
A large knot of toads, orderly queuing.

Waiting his turn he received her kiss
But from there, oh dear, things went quite amiss;
His legs grew longer, yes that is true,
But as a human, six foot two.

You see, dear Harold, we can now attest
Was in fact a Prince (as you might have guessed);
He was cursed as a frog when he turned sixteen
By a vengeful witch who despised the Queen.

The spell now undone the Princess screamed
At the handsome Prince of whom she’d dreamed;
“Finally!” she squealed “I’ve found my man
Now let’s get married, quick as we can!”

“No way” cried Harold “This is my chance
To lordly leap, pirouette and prance”;
So now you can watch him, happy each day,
He’s the lead performer in the Royal Ballet.