Okanagan Odyssey: Epilogue

Upon a quest four knights set out,
Their courage now beyond all doubt,
Their iron wills, their nerves of steel,
Had served them well through each ordeal.

Four knights there were, you’ve heard it told,
Their colours: red, blue, silver, gold;
Quite what their goal was none could say
Yet still adventures came their way.

Through many lands and lines they passed
And on their journey met a cast
Of many creatures, great and small,
With most good friends (but not quite all).

They didn’t fight an awful lot
Like Galahad or Lancelot;
At least it wasn’t spinelessness
Unlike that chicken Perseus.

Instead they drank the night away
Enjoying wines with fine bouquet,
And so much food did they partake
They often had no room for cake.

But now full circle they have come,
Recounted for you in this poem;
They’re having each a well-earned rest
Until they start on their next quest

That means dear reader it is time
To now conclude this winding rhyme;
It has, I hope you will agree,
Been quite the epic odyssey.

So fond goodbyes from all the band,
Except of course, by her command,
For Tabbyshell, she’ll stay with you,
As shall the happy memories too.

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