Have you ever stopped to wonder
What Bella does each day?
She doesn’t only nap and groom –
She ventures out to play.

She plays that she’s a pirate cat
Upon the stormy seas;
When she encounters crews of mice
She captures all their cheese.

She’s voyaged to the ocean floor
To catch a tasty dish;
Instead she played some hide and seek
With crabs and cuttlefish.

By rocketship she’s been to space
And swam among the stars;
She’s been across the Milky Way,
She found there’s life on Mars.

She’s starred up on the silver screen
In Technicolor shows;
You’ll find her paws in Hollywood
By Marilyn Monroe’s.

She’s entered poker tournaments
And put her chips all in;
Whatever cards that she was dealt
She bluffed her way to win.

She plays the drums and lead guitar
In her band “Tortoise Hell”;
When on her European tour
She played the Swiss cowbell.

Around the world in eighty days
In a hot air balloon;
She spent at least two thirds of them
Just singing to the moon.

But every day when you return
You’ll find her waiting there;
It’s where she likes it most of allĀ –
At home, within your care.