Ave II Zed

In the centre of the Coliseum
the emcee stands alone:

“Ladies and Gentlemen.
Now the moment you’ve
all been waiting for: the
world famous

As the emcee exits,
two verbal gladiators emerge
from the theatre’s bowels and
address their patron:

“Hail Caesar!
Those who are about to rhyme
salute you!”

As Caesar gives the
signal for them to begin, the
thousands of spectators
erupt in delight.

The pair turns to face off, the
one to the left begins:

“My life is full of hardship
all I’ve known has been distress;
by the rod and by the whip
I have suffered such duress.”

“My life is…”
At this Caesar
turns to his companions
“What is this drivel?” he demands
“Is this” indicating the men below
“meant to be entertainment?”

Sat behind, Brutus is the
only one that dare respond:
“Let us pray to the
Gods that it improves.”

At that moment a
deafening roar from the crowd: a
misplaced adjective and the
challenge is lost.

Gates are opened
around the Coliseum; an
arkful of wild beasts are
released into the arena.

Caesar claps his hands
together in excitement
“Now this is more like it!”

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