Wine by Numbers

If you want to rate a bottle
Then a five point scale will do,
It is all that’s really needed
There’s no point in bluffing through.

At the bottom there’s the trashy,
The disgusting scores a one;
Stuff you’d rather spit than swallow
That you’ll then forever shun.

For a two a wine is okay,
You can quaff it by the glass,
But you know it’s not that fancy,
You don’t drink it for its class.

If you’re looking for good value,
You can drink most every day,
Then a three is your companion,
This friend won’t lead you astray.

When you find one that’s delicious
Then you know you’ve found a four;
You just wish you had more bottles,
Yes you’ll wish for much, much more.

Now a five isn’t judged so simply,
By bouquet and taste alone;
It’s a product of occasion
That will let itself be known.

So you needn’t a fancy system
To become an oenophile;
You just need a healthy palate,
If you want to drink in style.

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