Okanagan Odyssey: Chapter Four

So here they are, the brave quintet
(Who haven’t found their quest just yet),
As one they would now right some wrongs,
Send evil back where it belongs.

Their new companion, standing proud,
Puffed out his chest and clucked out loud;
No one could beat this strong-willed crew,
His nemesis would get her due.

“I say” spoke he “I have a thought,
A way for us to have some sport;
In Black Hills yonder stands a maze,
Its winding paths we should appraise.”

Without a better plan in mind
They were as one that way inclined;
Towards the maze they onward pressed,
Their friend’s intent they had not guessed.

His planned betrayal they knew nought,
Just that adventure would be sought;
That there would be some fun ahead,
Some pretty pickles prior to bed.

When they approached the labyrinth
They found a cockerel on a plinth;
His coat was gules, his feathers too,
His welcome “cock-a-doodle-do!”

“There’s danger here” Red Rooster crowed
“No one escapes this foul abode;
If you go in, you won’t come out-
If I were you I’d turn about.”

At this the band did contemplate
If in this place they’d meet their fate;
Past hardships they had overcome,
This maze would not be worrisome.

They entered in, quite sheepishly,
Compelled by curiosity;
The rooster’s parting sad refrain:
“I won’t be seeing you again.”

Then after what had felt an age
They found the centre of their cage;
And there inside a creature prowled,
Impatiently it loudly yowled.

The beast was fearsome, straight from hell:
The Legendary Tabbyshell;
With razor tongue and claws of steel
She eyed them up for her next meal.

There petrified by her hard stare
No one could move, no one would dare;
As she intensely watched her prey-
She didn’t rush, she had all day.

The merest inkling of a growl
Was all it took to scare the fowl;
He chickened out, he tucked his tail,
No glory for him in this tale.

When after Perseus had split
Her miaows commanded them to sit;
Onto the Minstrel did she leap,
Curl up and then fall fast asleep.

So while the band had been five strong
That hadn’t lasted very long;
But with their newfound feline friend
They’d stay together ‘til the end.