Okanagan Odyssey: Chapter Three

The morning after, as dawn broke,
With bleary eyes they slowly woke
To find the pirate ship had gone,
By foot they’d have to muster on.

They found themselves, by chance or fate,
Right by the towers seen of late;
Ser Dandelion roared with glee:
Inside he’d find a pot of tea.

As they approached the nearest keep
They found a moat ten metres deep
And which appeared five times as wide
To those of them so eagle-eyed.

Nearby they found a granite ship
In which they thought they’d make the trip;
They placed the Stoneboat in the moat-
To their dismay it did not float.

As it submerged their spirits sank
How would they reach the other bank?
Then from the waters help appeared:
Four giant turtles gently reared.

They sat upon the turtles’ backs
Consuming sweet potato snacks;
There on those spacious shells they rode
When from the water leapt a toad.

“Youse folk yer must be really thick
A worser place yer couldn’t pick;
A monstrous creature lives right ‘ere,
She’ll scran yer down yer’ve nae idea.”

“Her teeth are sharp, as are her claws,
She’ll chew yer up without a pause,
And when she’s done she’ll spit yer out,
That much is certain, ah’ve nae doubt.”

Right then the moat around them swirled
As from the underwater world
The Monster rose up from the deep:
“Please keep it down, I’m trying to sleep!”

“I’ve got to get my forty winks
I haven’t time for your hijinks.”
With that she grabbed the chatty toad
Submerged and sank to her abode.

The knights soon reached the other side,
And thanked the turtles for the ride,
But found that both the keeps were gone,
A baffling phenomenon.

So on they trekked with unknown goals
While slowly wearing out their soles;
They lost themselves in Poplar Grove
But found a hidden treasure trove.

Beside the treasure, sound asleep,
The fearsome dragon, Nk’Mip;
Our heroes had no wish to croak
So tiptoed off before he woke.

Nearby they found friend Perseus
Appearing lost, directionless;
He’d solved the problem with the shoes
But had since lost his questing muse.

Inviting him to join the crew,
He claimed it was a dream come true;
So on they pressed, that band of five,
To future glories they would strive.

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