On the Sunshine Coast
You’ll find Halfmoon Bay
Where it’s tranquil, relaxing, serene;
By the ocean waves
You can spend all day
Just admiring the breathtaking scene.

North is Skookumchuck
Where the water’s strong-
You can walk there but never arrive;
It’s a one car town
With a feline throng,
Just for them its sure worth the short drive.

Up at Smuggler Cove
You’ll be quite spellbound
By the mosses and lichens on show;
There are beaver signs
As you hike around,
Where they’re hiding I just do not know.

Okanagan Odyssey: Chapter Three

The morning after, as dawn broke,
With bleary eyes they slowly woke
To find the pirate ship had gone,
By foot they’d have to muster on.

They found themselves, by chance or fate,
Right by the towers seen of late;
Ser Dandelion roared with glee:
Inside he’d find a pot of tea.

As they approached the nearest keep
They found a moat ten metres deep
And which appeared five times as wide
To those of them so eagle-eyed.

Nearby they found a granite ship
In which they thought they’d make the trip;
They placed the Stoneboat in the moat-
To their dismay it did not float.

As it submerged their spirits sank
How would they reach the other bank?
Then from the waters help appeared:
Four giant turtles gently reared.

They sat upon the turtles’ backs
Consuming sweet potato snacks;
There on those spacious shells they rode
When from the water leapt a toad.

“Youse folk yer must be really thick
A worser place yer couldn’t pick;
A monstrous creature lives right ‘ere,
She’ll scran yer down yer’ve nae idea.”

“Her teeth are sharp, as are her claws,
She’ll chew yer up without a pause,
And when she’s done she’ll spit yer out,
That much is certain, ah’ve nae doubt.”

Right then the moat around them swirled
As from the underwater world
The Monster rose up from the deep:
“Please keep it down, I’m trying to sleep!”

“I’ve got to get my forty winks
I haven’t time for your hijinks.”
With that she grabbed the chatty toad
Submerged and sank to her abode.

The knights soon reached the other side,
And thanked the turtles for the ride,
But found that both the keeps were gone,
A baffling phenomenon.

So on they trekked with unknown goals
While slowly wearing out their soles;
They lost themselves in Poplar Grove
But found a hidden treasure trove.

Beside the treasure, sound asleep,
The fearsome dragon, Nk’Mip;
Our heroes had no wish to croak
So tiptoed off before he woke.

Nearby they found friend Perseus
Appearing lost, directionless;
He’d solved the problem with the shoes
But had since lost his questing muse.

Inviting him to join the crew,
He claimed it was a dream come true;
So on they pressed, that band of five,
To future glories they would strive.

Okanagan Odyssey: Chapter Two

When morning came it then transpired
That new directions were required;
They’d camped upon a floating isle,
To travel back would take a while.

Although they didn’t feel too smart
They breakfasted and made a start;
The Minstrel Knight broke into song
So that their moods weren’t down for long.

Upstream they mosied to her tunes
Accompanied by wild raccoons
Which leapt about from branch to branch
Til reaching See Ya Later Ranch.

The ranch was empty, save a dog,
A lab cross sleeping like a log;
It bounded up when they came in,
It made their day feel good again.

The dog was friendly, playful too,
It liked to tug with its toy chew,
To run around and fetch a stick,
Its tongue lolled out, its legs were quick.

There playing games of hide and seek
Along the banks of Hester Creek
A smoke descended, shrouding all
Within a dim and deathly pall.

A silence fell within the band
At change they didn’t understand;
Then moments later, at a clip,
There came a ghostly pirate ship.

Upon the prow there stood a man
Who struck a pose of great élan;
The dandiest pirate in the world,
A splendid moustache he there twirled.

“What Au!” exclaimed the privateer
“Be that the Golden Knight right here?
And by his side, who looks so fine
Be that the Lady Argentine?”

“I greet you both with all my heart
For I’m a fan of all you art:
Direct and daring, wordly wise,
So full of skill and enterprise.”

“Two more companions you possess
To whom I shall now each address.
Ser Salmon, forward please step now:
To pretty words I deeply bow.”

“And with you three, where she belongs
The one and only Queen of Songs!
I beg, dear Queen with voice so pure
Please sing and grant thy music’s cure.”

At this request the Minstrel Knight
Picked up her lute to his delight;
She sang for him an ode to joy
That made him cry just like a boy.

Transfixed and stunned the pirate lord
Invited them to come aboard;
“My dear new friends I welcome you
To feast tonight with all my crew.”

And so as darkness crossed the land
This was a very merry band
With midnight toasts they drank more wine
And sang together Auld Lang Syne.