2 thoughts on “Lossless

  1. Hi Really Sad!
    I am trying to analyze your poem SJ Ford. Spoiler Alert Here: I was feverish and made an insensitive joke. When he woke up, the person he’d inadvertently offended had let him. Am I right?

    • Hi Janice, thanks for stopping by. I’m pleased to say that I’m not Really Sad at all right now so this piece may be more a reflection of a memory than my current reality.
      I’d say that the creator’s opinion is just one perspective on a given creative work so yours is equally valid. When writing this particular verse I was intending to convey the idea of a person who felt alone and out of love. They’d had a dream, which despite their general mood was a good one that included a very good joke. They were then distraught when the joke slipped from their mind on waking and all they were left with was the sense that it had once existed.
      All my best, SJ

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