Altanta, Georgia, at the CDC,
The team’s at alert, ready as can be,
Tracking the vectors as diseases spread
Four strains on notice: black, yellow, blue, red.

Alarm bells ringing as news then comes in
Of a new infection in Ho Chi Minh;
A rapid response, the medic flies out
Cleaning the city and all those about.

It isn’t enough, the infections grow:
In Seoul, in Cairo, in Santiago;
The world’s in danger, pandemic is near,
Four cures are needed to dispel the fear.

Travelling cross nations discoveries are made,
The dispatcher sends out medical aid;
An outbreak in Lima, tensions are high,
Can this not be stopped? How many must die?

The researcher’s breakthrough, a first cure’s found
A second, a third, spreads hope all around;
Then disaster: there’s a chain reaction
From St Petersburg due west to London.

As humanity stands right on the brink
In this game of chicken it does not blink;
The CDC team find the final cure
It’s what humans do: we’re built to endure.

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