Altanta, Georgia, at the CDC,
The team’s at alert, ready as can be,
Tracking the vectors as diseases spread
Four strains on notice: black, yellow, blue, red.

Alarm bells ringing as news then comes in
Of a new infection in Ho Chi Minh;
A rapid response, the medic flies out
Cleaning the city and all those about.

It isn’t enough, the infections grow:
In Seoul, in Cairo, in Santiago;
The world’s in danger, pandemic is near,
Four cures are needed to dispel the fear.

Travelling cross nations discoveries are made,
The dispatcher sends out medical aid;
An outbreak in Lima, tensions are high,
Can this not be stopped? How many must die?

The researcher’s breakthrough, a first cure’s found
A second, a third, spreads hope all around;
Then disaster: there’s a chain reaction
From St Petersburg due west to London.

As humanity stands right on the brink
In this game of chicken it does not blink;
The CDC team find the final cure
It’s what humans do: we’re built to endure.


Long in the winter when the skies are grey
When the clouds are full and it rains all day
We dream of summer and the month of June,
Of languid days that cannot come too soon.

But when they arrive we are stuck inside
In tedious meetings that we can’t abide;
Why can’t we escape to the world outdoors,
Regain our freedom from those tiresome bores?

The truth is we can, our lives are our own,
It’s better to act than complain and moan;
So let’s break out now, let’s go out and play
For this summer’s ours to enjoy each day.