The Three Snowmen

They arrived late last night
In a blizzard of white
Three snowmen to become your new friends;
They demanded more snow
For the north winds to blow
And an ice winter that never ends.

They soon had you captured
Frozen and enraptured
By their big stone eyes that entranced you;
Demanding embraces
With smiles on their faces
They will hold on until you turn blue.

Life Hidden Within

I hold a seed within my hand,
It’s from a peach that I just ate;
I plant it in a pot of earth
With hopes that it will germinate.

I water it and keep it warm,
I watch and wait for many days;
Until at last a shoot appears,
It’s seeking out some solar rays.

As weeks go by it grows and grows,
It’s soon too big for its small pot;
It’s time to plant it outside, in
A warm and sunny, sheltered spot.

At first it struggles to take hold
But soon enough it grows once more;
Its branches stretch towards the sky,
Its roots seek food and downward bore.

For many seasons, growing strong,
Until the trunk is thick and stout;
And then one springtime blossoms bloom,
The bees start buzzing round about.

I hold a peach within my hand,
It’s from a tree that I helped grow;
Its juicy flesh I’ll now consume
Then have another seed to sow.

Correspondence, 21 April 1931

Dear Master Crowley, most eminent friend,
Thanks do I offer for the gift you did send.
Long have I wished to tell the hours of night,
Now with this sundial I shall know it right.
Please inform me then of its operation:
How does it read the dark side of the sun?
Such magickal wonders do so amaze me!
Yours in gratitude and faith,

A Modern Adventure

My passport, money, mobile – check;
Our bags all packed it’s time to trek
Way out into the great unknown
Where on the map no lands are shown.
Just a warning: “Here be dragons”,
The type a good adventurer shuns.

We’ll take some swords though, just in case,
We meet a dragon face to face;
Our blades will flash, a head will roll,
A selfie, then on with our stroll.
That’s why we’re out here after all:
To post stuff on our Facebook wall.

The Fate of the Phoenix

Amid the screams of fraudulent sinners
It’s poker night in the eighth ring of hell;
Twelves demons started, ten won’t be winners,
As from the game they have all bid farewell.

Now the two survivors sit face to face,
Each eager to win, not leave in disgrace.

Iniquitous Prince Belial on the right,
He’s a great inventor of evil things,
Versus Marquis Phoenix, who has the plight
Of sounding just like a child when he sings.

Scenting his chance to leave this place of sin
On the final hand, Phoenix goes all in.

His instincts told him Belial was bluffing,
But as it transpired, it wasn’t the case;
Phoenix’s pair of Jacks were worth nothing
Against a royal flush from ten to ace.

So defeated Phoenix would lose his soul;
From now on it was Belial’s to control.

His fate: to be cast to the mortal plane
There encased within a flame red prison;
To angelically laugh his sole refrain
Every time he ate his paper ration.


It was on a moonlit walk, the Great Bear so bright,
When the world around was completely covered white
That I met your shining eyes in the dead of night.

We each stood still, transfixed; you showed no sign of fright
But then a moment later you took off in flight,
Dancing across the rooftops, soon far out of sight.

The Phoenix

See Kid Icarus, see her fly
Way up into the midnight sky,
Borne aloft on ephemeral wings
Her body soars, her whole heart sings.

For she is free among the stars,
No earthly chains, no prison bars
Can prevent her trajectory
Ever upward, strong as can be
Towards the face that beams at night
The golden sun’s reflected light.

She’s sought this light out once before,
She knew not then what lay in store,
That sunshine’s rays would bring such pain
As she crashed down to Earth again;
Despite falling she flies once more
An adventurer to her core.

Here in darkness she can now breathe;
By moonlight she starts to believe
In herself, what she may achieve
Daring to dream, not to deceive.