A Sonnet of Ice and Fire

“Winter is coming” or so maesters claim,
This book of golden summer will soon close;
So we must prepare with iron and flame
Pray to the Seven, save us from our foes.
Many are they, with each claiming that throne
Now that our belovèd stag is no more;
We wish for peace again, like that we’ve known
But travails and hardship lie now in store.
For far in the North, way beyond the Wall
In desolate lands where wildlings roam free,
Old monsters return to ruin us all,
Threats long forgotten, now real as can be.
Alone the Night’s Watch cannot win this fight;
Seven divided kingdoms must now unite.

A December Sonnet

When winter wraps itself round my body
There is no escape from its icy touch;
No place to hide when out in the city,
No safe refuge when it becomes too much.
Minds turn to spring when life begins once more
As buds begin to show themselves again;
Blossoms hold promise of riches galore
Bountiful hope for all women and men.
Summer then seems just a short leap away:
The open blue sky, the glorious sun,
Outdoor adventures that last all the day,
So many opportunities for fun.
Though winter’s at hand, it’s never been here;
Eternal summer is what makes us freer.